OmniPC Software

OmniPC is a new software program that benefits from the same user interface and analysis and reporting features as the OmniScan with the added flexibility to be run on a personal computer.

With OmniPC, the OmniScan unit can now be used strictly for scanning while analysis is performed simultaneously on a personal computer. This software can also be used in conjunction with extra large screens for increased visibility, and with keyboard shortcuts for faster operations.

Data Analysis

  • Data, reference, and measurement cursors for defect sizing
  • Extensive Readings database and predefined lists for trigonometry, flaw statistics on axes, volumetric position information, code-based acceptance criteria, corrosion mapping statistics, etc.
  • Views are linked for interactive analysis and automatically updated when performing off-line gate repositioning.
  • Optimized preconfigured layouts for quick and simple length, depth, and height sizing of flaws.


The OmniScan MX2 and OmniPC can both be used to generate reports with an indication table listing up to eight readings, such as amplitude, position, and size of the defects. The report can also be customized with additional readings and comments specific to each indication, and can be saved as an HTML document. RayTracing tools allow the indication positions to be represented on the weld profile. High-resolution images can be inserted along with all relevant inspection parameters.

Olympus is proud to introduce the latest 4.1 OmniScan software. This new release includes many enhancements and new functionalities.

In the effort for continuous improvement, the software interface was simplified and the response time optimized in order to provide the best experience possible for customers.

To simplify operation and ease the learning process for new and current OmniScan users, every item of the interface is now accessible at all times, due to the introduction of a single operation mode. As a result, all 3 environments are now unified:

  • SX, or MX2, using the touchscreen
  • SX, or MX2, using a mouse
  • OmniPC

To enhance the user experience, the new title bar provides instant access to the main display options. In addition, most common functions are now available through the intuitive interactive menus, offering tablet-like user-friendliness.

MXU for Omni PC

For applications requiring a multi-probe configuration, the multi-group layouts were improved so that the scanner configuration is reflected in the software interface. The position of the different scans is determined by their distance to the center of the weld, providing an easy-to-understand and appealing layout.

OmniScan MX2 Software Compatibility

UTMXU 3.1R31OmniPC 3.1R31
TomoView 2.10R6 with OSTV 3.0R7TomoView 2.10R6
PAMXU 4.1R2OmniPC 4.1R2
TomoView 2.10R6 with OSTV 3.0R7TomoView 2.10R6
UT2MXU 4.1R2OmniPC 4.1R2
TomoView: TBDTomoView 2.10R6
PA2MXU 4.1R2OmniPC 4.1R2
TomoView: TBDTomoView 2.10R6

1 Not compatible with version later than 3.1

Please note that all PA2, and UT2 files generated with MXU 4.1R2, and earlier are compatible with TomoView 2.10R6.

OmniScan MX Software Compatibility

UTMXU 2.0R27OmniPC 3.1R32
PATomoView 2.10R6 with OSTV 1.7R7TomoView 2.10R6
UT2MXU 2.0R27OmniPC 4.1R2
PA2TomoView 2.10R6 with OSTV 1.7R7TomoView 2.10R6

2 Not compatible with version later than 3.1


FeatureOmniPC 4.1TomoView AnalysisTomoVIEWER
Ray Tracing
Offline Peak Selection in Gate
Metric and Imperial Units
Multi-group Combined Display (PA, UT, and TOFD)
Ability to Zoom in/out in Display
Predefined Weld Overlay Display
Selectable Information Groups (Readings)
Offline Data Management and Processing
Indication Table Tools
Built-in Report Generator (Customizable)
Ability to Modify/Create Color Palette
Offline Thickness C-Scan Tool
Offline TOFD Calibration√*
TOFD Lateral Wave Synchronization Tool√*
TOFD Lateral Wave Removal Tool√*
Volumetric Merge Tool (Automatic or Manual)
Software Gain Adjustment
Custom Layouts (Creation and Saving)
Zone Tool for Statistical Measurements
3D Cursor
Ability to Open Multiple Files Simultaneously
Data File Merging
C-Scan Data Merging
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) Analysis Tool
Binarizer Processing Tool
Matrix Filters Tool
Backwall Following  C-Scan Tool
Hysteresis Correction
Ability to Export Data Group in .txt File
FFT Calculation
Microsoft Excel® Exchanges for Custom Readings
Acoustic Field Simulation (AFiSiMO)
Polar View Display
A-Scan Resynchronization Tool

* Available from version 2.10R6